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Since 1982

We started in a little storefront in 1982 with a stock of 20 fixed-gear bicycles and a tiny, cramped repair shop in the back room. Today, we have more than 1,200 square feet of showroom floor and a full-service bicycle garage for all of your tuning and repair needs, seven days a week!

A Passion for Motion

One of the greatest challenges of our modern interconnected society is transportation. In a world where digital communication is prevalent, it might seem tempting to just abandon the idea and stay home forever, but part of the human condition is to be in motion. We have a passion for keeping that alive.

Cycle Mania

In recent years, the popularity of cycling has exploded, with social rides, cycling clubs, and massive bike-centered events nation-wide. We are a proud sponsor of Barton's own little slice of cycle mania and every spring we host the Barton 1000, a breakneck race through our city's public park system.

Our Mission

We aim to provide our local community with convenient, affordable access to the highest quality cycling products available, from professional grade aluminum frames to titanium wheels and other miscellaneous accessories. We also provide the tools and services needed to maintain the operation of bicycles and information and products geared towards improving the level of safety and stability that a rider can have while in motion, especially at night, or while traversing rough terrain. Through community outreach and professional service, we wish to foster a sense of community between our customers, such that we are more than just a bike shop; we're a public center for a way of life.

Our Guarantee

All of the bicycles that we sell are guaranteed to operate as intended for no less than 10 years, with proper scheduled maintenance and no collisions or other intentional or accidental damage to the frame, wheels, or other moving parts of the bike. We will service any errors in craftsmanship, and all repaired or replaced parts are covered by a limited lifetime warranty once all work has been completed and inspected by one of our friendly bicycle mechanics.

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